Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams

Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams

Essay Writing is an essential skill for students and professionals. You not only need to learn essay writing for passing academic exams, you also need to learn good essay writing for your professional life. Every student has to write essays at school or college. It is the most widespread type of homework. Why do tutors like this type of assignment? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Essay writing helps to evaluate a student’s research, analytical, and persuasive skills, which are essential in a grown life. This writeup will give everything about essay writing. This will heop student  for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams.


Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams
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What is Essay Writing?

An essay is, generally, a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument, but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of a letter, a paper, an article, a pamphlet, and a short story. Essays have been sub-classified as formal and informal: formal essays are characterized by “serious purpose, dignity, logical organization, length,” whereas the informal essay is characterized by “the personal element (self-revelation, individual tastes and experiences, confidential manner), humour, graceful style, rambling structure, unconventionality or novelty of theme,” etc.

Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 9 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams

Need for Essay Writing:

Improves writing skills:

For starters, it helps to improve your paper writing skills. Do not hesitate to practice as much as possible to become the best writer and create top-grade essays with ease. It will help you to increase your college score and learn how to create engaging and well-thought-out papers with no effort.

Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 7 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams

Helps to demonstrate your intelligence:

It’s easy to distinguish a well-educated person from the first sentences of his paper. If you want to look professional and gain credibility, perfect essay writing skills is a must. Learn how to write top-notch essays to showcase yourself as a skilled professional in future life.

Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 8 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams


Gains research skills:

It’s impossible to create an A+ paper without thorough research. Nowadays, in the digital era, research skills are essential. There are tons of information available on the Internet. Just grab your smartphone, ask a question, and find an answer simultaneously. However, not all the posts and articles on the WEB are correct. Essay writing will teach you how to find trustworthy information, analyze, and double-check it.

Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 5 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams


Increase your knowledge in different niches:

Conducting research, we always learn something new. Writing essays on different topics, students explore a lot of resources and gather a lot of information. Therefore students learn something new that is not related to their major.

Helps to find a job:

Do you want to find a good and well-paying job after graduation? If so, do not hesitate to practice in essay writing. Everybody knows that you have to submit a resume and a cover letter applying for a job. A well-made CV will showcase you as a skilled and well-educated person.

Also, a professional cover letter can engage a hire manager and tell more about your advantages and professional skills.


Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 6 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams
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Writing skills are required for promotion:

Do you want to work in one position the entire life? I guess that the answer is no. If you’re going to get a promotion, you have to indicate yourself as a well-educated person.

Imagine a situation when you need to write an email to your boss, create an annual report or presentation. If your email, documents, or a slideshow contains every-day language, misspelling, or grammar errors, you will hardly get a promotion.

Therefore, always double-check your essays by using online tools for writers and proofread them thoroughly. If all your messages and papers have the top-grade quality, you will be a great candidate for a promotion.

Improves critical-thinking skills:

Why is writing important in life? Well, essay writing is not only a hair-pulling thing when you have to explore a lot of different resources and write your thoughts down. Creating a college paper, you have to analyze and evaluate the gathered information. You should take a deep dive into a topic, collect information, and cross the wrong things out.


Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 4 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams


Structuring Your Essay:

An essay should be written in a flowing manner with each sentence following on logically from the previous one and with appropriate signposts to guide the reader.

An essay usually takes the following structured format:

The introduction:

The function of the introduction is simply to introduce the subject, to explain how you understand the question, and describe briefly how you intend to deal with it.

You could begin by defining essential terms, providing a brief historical or personal context if appropriate, and/or by explaining why you think the subject is significant or interesting.


Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 3 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams


The main body: a development of the issues:

Some students’ essays amount to catalogues of factual material or summaries of other people’s thoughts, attitudes, philosophies or viewpoints.

At the opposite extreme, other students express only personal opinions with little or no researched evidence or examples taken from other writers to support their views. What is needed is a balance.

The balance between other researchers’ and writers’ analysis of the subject and your own comment will vary with the subject and the nature of the question. Generally, it is important to back up the points you wish to make from your experience with the findings of other published researchers and writers.


Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 2 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams


A conclusion:

At the end of an essay you should include a short conclusion, the purpose of which is to sum up or draw a conclusion from your argument or comparison of viewpoints.

In other words, indicate what has been learned or accomplished. The conclusion is also a good place to mention questions that are left open or further issues which you recognise, but which do not come within the scope of your essay.

Neither the conclusion, nor the introduction, should totally summarise your whole argument: if you try this, you are in danger of writing another assignment that simply repeats the whole case over again.

List of Sample Essays:





Law, Administration & Constitution

  • Good Governance in Bangladesh
  • Local Self Government in Bangladesh: Problems and Issues
  • Maritime Boundary: A Great Victory for Bangladesh
  • Rule of Law in Bangladesh
  • Ombudsman, Constitution and Bangladesh Review
  • The Role of Bureaucrats in Developing Countries
  • Bangladesh Public Service Commission: An Evaluation
  • The Trial of War-criminals in Bangladesh
  • The Role of Civil Service in Administration



  • Human Resources and Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) & Bangladesh
  • Demographic Dividend in Bangladesh
  • Human Rights and Bangladesh
  • Rural Development in Bangladesh
  • The Role of NGOs for Rural Development of Bangladesh
  • Microcredit: Staircase Development
  • Grameen Bank: Pioneer of Development and Poverty Alleviation in BGD


  • Women’s Rights Islam
  • Violence Against Women in Bangladesh: Causes and Remedies
  • Dowry and Position of Women Bangladesh
  • Empowerment of Women Bangladesh
  • Men and Women Equality: Dream Reality
  • Say ‘Yes’ for Children
  • Child Labour in Bangladesh


Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 3 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams



  • Healthcare in Bangladesh in the New Millennium
  • Smoking: Looming
  • Drug Addiction Bangladesh: A Looming Catastrophe
  • AIDS: The Bubonic Plague of Our Time
  • Arsenic Problem in Bangladesh



  • The Journalistic Ethics
  • The Role of the Press in Nation-Building
  • The Freedom of the Press in Democracy
  • Impact of Satellite Television on Our Culture
  • Facebook: Its Uses & Abuses



  • Expatriate Manpower & Overseas Employment of Bangladesh
  • Industrialization in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects
  • Industrial Policy of Bangladesh বাংলাদেশের শিল্পনীতি
  • Garments Industry in Bangladesh: Implications for the Economy
  • Food Security and Crisis: Problems and Solutions
  • Share Markets of Bangladesh: Problems and Remedial Measures
  • Free Market Economy & Bangladesh
  • Foreign Aid and Economic Development of Bangladesh
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bangladesh
  • Global Trade Alliances and Bangladesh
  • Export & Import Policy Bangladesh
  • Remittance: The Driving Force of Our Economy
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Padma Bridge and World Bank
  • Population and Economic Development Perspective Bangladesh
  • Blue Economy and Bangladesh
  • Global Financial Crisis: Problems and Solutions
  • Globalisation and Bangladesh
  • Handloom Industry in Bangladesh


  • Terrorism and the War Against Terrorism
  • CHT Peace Treaty : An Evaluation
  • UN Peace Keeping Operations: An Assessment
  • Need for Global Peace
  • The Liberation War of Bangladesh
  • The Rise of Religious Extremism as a Global Threat


  • Dhaka: Challenges of a Mega-city
  • Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City : Causes and Remedies
  • Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh
  • Corruption free Society
  • Violence in Society and its Remedies
  • Rapid Urbanization
  • Eve-teasing: Causes and Remedies
  • Human Trafficking and Bangladesh

Essay Writing রচনা লিখন 1 Essay Writing for SSC, HSC, BCS, Bank Exam & Other Competitive Exams


  • The Tourism Industry of Bangladesh Problems and Prospects
  • Preserving Forest Resources of Bangladesh
  • Utilization of Natural Resources of Bangladesh
  • Natural Gas Security in Bangladesh
  • Electricity Scenario of Bangladesh
  • Use of Renewable Energy in Development of Bangladesh
  • Agriculture Sector in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects
  • National Water Policy of Bangladesh



  • Impact of Science on Modern Life
  • The Computer Revolution
  • IT Education in Bangladesh: Problems & Prospects
  • Digital Bangladesh: Vision-2021
  • Information Communication Technology for National Development
  • E-Governance
  • Information Super Highway & Bangladesh
  • ICT in Banking Sector
  • 3rd Generation Mobile Technology in Bangladesh
  • Digital Heist & Safety of Banking
  • Computer in the Service of Mankind
  • Freelancing Career : Problems & Prospects in Bangladesh


  • Environmental Pollution Causes and Remedies
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Global Warming /29th BCS
  • Paris Agreement and Bangladesh
  • Natural Calamities and Sufferings of People
  • Earthquake Prone Zone and the Preparedness: Bangladesh Perspective
  • Floods and Flood Control Strategies in Bangladesh
  • Environment and Industrialization in Bangladesh
  • Save River, Save Country
  • Country Life and Season in Bangladesh



  • Bangladesh & the Muslim World
  • Middle East: The Focal Point of International Politics
  • Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) & Indo-Bangla Relation
  • Japan-Bangladesh Relationship at 40
  • China-Bangladesh Relationship: Waiting for a Spring
  • Kashmir Issue: Requires Rethinking from both Sides
  • Rohingya Issue: Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis
  • Arab Spring: Can It Change the Arab



  • The United Nations Objectives and Reality
  • A Puppet Organization of the Muslims
  • SAARC: Friendship, Peace & Prosperity
  • NATO at 60: New Doctrine & Challenges



  • How I See Myself 10 Years from Now
  • Garbage Management A PPP Approach


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